Farmers and Crafters

Here you can find the farmers and crafters and also food vendors who are members
of the Brooksville Farmers' Market. Many of our farmers are also crafters and many of
our crafters are also farmers. Goodnight Farm sells produce and baskets (Baskets of Maine).
Hidden Farms sells handcrafted soap dishes, candles and aprons while also selling potted
plants and vegetables. Tinder Hearth Bakery is also a farm, Valley of the Stars Farm.
Tinder Hearth mainly sells bread and pastries at our market. Cheers Haven Gardens mainly
offers vegetables but sometimes offers crafts such as aprons and potholders.
Haight Farm grows hydroponic vegetables but he might sometimes offer handcrafted
baskets. Wild Blueberry Hill Farm offers organic blueberry pies, fried rice and
dumplings while also selling fresh wild Maine blueberries.

Maine has a shorter growing season so our farmers compromise by offering crafts during
early spring or when vegetables may not be ready yet. Also many Maine farmers utilize
a greenhouse for growing some of their vegetables, but outstandingly most our farmers
offer vegetables and fruits according to season and availability.

Check out these websites and come to the Brooksville Farmers' Market to find the best in
locally grown vegetables and locally produced crafts.

  • Walker Pond Pottery
  • Goodnight Farm
  • Tinder Hearth Bakery
  • Bluemoon Market Arts
  • Island Tote Company
  • Poland Family Farm
  • Cheers Haven Gardens
  • Haight Farm
  • Wild Blueberry Hill Farm
  • Spindrift Pottery
  • Avalon Kitchens
  • Dream Weaver
  • Blue Hill Spoonworks
  • Cottage Sweets
  • Hidden Farm
  • Bagaduce Farm
  • Dan's Flower Farm
  • Weaving a Life
  • Lime Fizz
  • Brooklin Candy Company
  • Heidi's Homegrown